Cool Idea (That'll Never Happen): Apple University

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by guzhogi, Jun 1, 2012.

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    I was just reading this article on AppleInsider. Basically, it says how hard it would be to bring a manufacturing plant to the USA. One reason was the lack of skilled labor. Made me think it would be cool to have an Apple University.

    They could give degrees in computer science, engineering and design. Maybe have a few Apple engineers give guest lectures (how cool would it be to get taught by Jonathan Ive?). Give internships at Apple. Maybe Apple could subsidize the cost of tuition on the basis of you working at Apple for x amount of years or something.

    I know this won't happen, just daydreaming. :)
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    Are you kidding me? People are not going to pay $20,000+ to go to a school just to get stuck working at a factory all day for the next 5 or so years. I didn't spend the last 17 years in school working my behind off to get into a occupation like that. And honestly, ask yourself if you would like to be doing that kind of work yourself.

    You don't need that kind of expertise education to work at an assembly line. You pretty much don't need more than two years of community college credit either. It's all about learning how to put stuff together really quickly, efficiently, and working within very fast deadlines.

    Apple doesn't want a bunch of interns working for them. They want people who know what the heck they're doing and saying, not someone trying to be the next Steve Jobs or Jonathan Ive. And in the case of this idea, all your doing is buying yourself into the company.

    The real problem with the US is that we have too many people who want jobs just because they HAVE to for the sake of paying bills. They loathe every minute of it, and they quickly get fired and go from company to company. You don't want these same people putting together the products you buy and sell. It would be disastrous. It's not like working at an Amazon warehouse where all you do is package people's stuff.
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    Interesting, McDonalds has something called " Hamburger University " which just teaches you stuff about McDonalds ( I know a few guys who went. Its no joke. A Corporate McDonalds Manager can clear 100K a year on a high school degree. )

    For McDonalds its a very good thing, because there aren't schools that specialize in fast food operation, so it works well for them.

    Apple, that would not work at all, there are already tons of schools that teach computer engineering, IT, software development, ect ect. So it'd be pointless for Apple to open a school.
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    The Army has this place called "West Point" where kids go get free university educations in return for working for the Army for a few years.

    The only reason it works is that they don't have to pay for their studies. That's the only way any company could do it.

    Also, in factories and most types of skilled labour, there's this thing they call an "Apprenticeship"...
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    The comments by Tim Cook have nothing to do with degreed professionals. China has built a huge pool of assembly line workers skilled in electronics assembly - a resource which the US lost decades ago to Asia when US television manufacturing could not compete with companies like Sony.

    Further, the US has no shortage of educational opportunities for people who want to earn degrees. How you pay for that degree is not a company like Apple or Microsoft's responsibility.

    I worked full time paying for my bachelors degree and have continued to invest in myself getting a masters degree. It meant giving up vacations, new cars and other luxuries, but I did it without borrowing one cent.
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    Most US folks do not want to do manual labor in a factory. Other reason is the supply chain (most parts are made in China). Also, Apple sell products all round the world.

    Plus, Apple do create US jobs:

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    Any computer-sci department is a defacto Apple department these days, it's all they teach.
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    I'd like the idea of apple being integrated in the ways the future generations learn, or even 'apple' principles embedded into teaching any subject. It would happen, Steve was big on education and shaping the future... I'd hope this is an area Apple move into. Already Apple have the pro apps qualifications so having 'apple' certified in computing or music or any of the arts would be amazing.
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    Uhh the reason there's no manufacturing plant in the USA is because Americans demand much higher wages and benefits than those overseas.

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