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    • 1. Android OS 4.0+
      2. Krome Android App
      3. Krome extension on Chrome Browser
      4. 99 cents

    What is it?
    If you have Chrome on a Windows machine, on a Chromebook (duh) or use Chrome Canary on a Mac, you can get AND respond to any SMS via your PC's browser, as though you were responding on your phone. But ANY notification that pop-up on your Android phone will show up in your Chrome browser (as long as you have rich text notifications enabled in Chrome and your phone is on Android 4.0 and higher as mentioned above). I have been playing with it all morning on my Chromebook and it has worked perfectly. And I do believe it works with Windows 8, since this is a Chrome extension.

    Where do I get it?
    The app itself can be found in the play store called Krome (link below) and it is 99 cents USD. (I do believe this works worldwide, as the developer is in Poland. Maybe someone can verify? You have the 15 minute return policy if you don't like it or have issues.) You also have to add the Chrome extension on to Chrome via the Chrome Web Store. Once both are downloaded, start Krome on the phone and open the extension via Chrome within your PC and the phone will generate a unique identifying code. Type that in on your pc and done. You can also encrypt the connection (but that is currently in beta and seems to be iffy on maintaining a good connection.)

    While there have been similar apps in the past, I believe this is the first one that can be used on any type of PC (Chromebook specifically) and allows for rich text notifications, as well as replying via the PC for sms?

    Just thought I would put it out there. This is really helpful for those on Chromebooks (like myself). Well worth the 99 cents for me, since my phone is not right next to me all the time.

    Link to app in Play store:

    Link to Chrome extension in Chrome web store:

    Pics from my NSA certified/spyware ridden Samsung Chromebook: :D First pic is the extension in the Chrome Web Store. 2nd and 3rd screen captures are of notifications received on my phone and show up in the bottom right corner of my Chromebook.

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    Downloaded, going to give this a try, thanks!

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