Cool story, bro: my IP4 purchase

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by f00f, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Last night after news of the training document leak I cancelled my two iPhone 4 orders at Apple's online store. (two = one for me and the mrs). This morning's story of the sim hack gave me some new faith that there's potentially a workaround (that doesn't involve a 29$ rubber band). Couple this with the fact that my 3G is really pissing me off (very sluggish with iOS 4), figured I'd give it a shot buying from a local store.

    Timing is everything when one is in search of a hot item!

    The local Apple store declared over the phone they don't have any in stock. In fact the Apple rep was kind of rude about it. I guess he gets asked the same question umpteen time a day, and/or hasn't slept or had sex in a while.

    Next target: Best Buy. Called them up and to my astonishment they had iPhone 4 in stock, but only 32GB. No worries -- that's what I wanted last week when I stood in line for 9 hours. My boss sits right next to me and said "You're going to get an iPhone? I want one too!" and ultimately came along. We both had 3G phones in desperate need of upgrading.

    Anyway, we both wound up with new phones, and while there I called up the mrsand had her come down to get one as well, so she wouldn't be pissed when I got home w/ my shiny new gadget. Turns out we bought 3 of the TEN total devices they got in the store. Totally amazed they had gotten so few in stock and that they weren't gone instantly. Similar to my iPad buying experience: I bought a wifi iPad on launch day at BB at 3PM. They had TONS of them in stock.

    Good luck to those who are still on the iPhone 4 purchasing quest. :D
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    Cool story, bro!

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    thats odd my local BB got 10 32gig ip4's in today also
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    LOL. Talk about easily swayed...

    Sometimes stand on your own convictions...

    You should have gotten the phones and tested them out and if they did not work for you, you could have returned them.

    Don't be so spineless. Work things out for yourself sometimes, it will make life more enjoyable.
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    Spineless? That's harsh. As a developer I have a vested interest in this platform working out. However I wasn't about to jump on the ip4 bandwagon amidst the negativity that has been circulating.

    The antenna problem hasn't been solved. At least not officially. It is 6 days after launch. There's plenty of "working things out" to be done, for my individual use case, that can then be contributed to forums like this. If it doesn't work out then yes, it will be returned. For now Apple gets the benefit of the doubt. It's in my best interest.
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    It does seem like a rather wild chain of thought over 6 days :) I hope you enjoy your phone!

    Oh Yeah.. Cool story bro.
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    Well isn't that fantastic for you! :rolleyes:

    My Best Buy, the only one of three in town who carries AT&T products only got 2 total 32Gb's in stock since launch. I sit at #6 on their pre-order list with gift cards in hand waiting for a call. Meanwhile in the Best Buy forums there are a ton of stories of Best Buy's getting little to no stock on launch day and nothing since all over the country. They really screwed the pooch, though in fairness Apple screwed them in shortening their inventory.

    But yet you walk in and buy two 32GB's today? That is hilarious to me in a woe is me kind of way. :( This post made my day like a punch to the gut.

    Seriously though, congrats, I'd consider yourself pretty darn lucky, enjoy the phone!
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    Good story...nice to hear good news for a change...:)

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