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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by WeegieMac, Aug 23, 2011.

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    A little story for those who sit and wonder, "Is it worth the hassle taking this out of warranty piece of hardware to the Apple Store".

    On Sunday evening, my aluminium wireless keyboard suddenly dropped a couple of keys. The backspace, eject, and apostraphe key stopped working literally out of the blue. I reset PRAM, repaired permissions, deleted/re-synced with bluetooth, tried another user profile, nothing worked.

    Made a Genius Bar appointment for today. Oh, one little piece of info ... I bought this keyboard in May 2010, paid cash, and had no receipt. So it's three months out of warranty and I had no proof I even bought the keyboard in that store, which I did, but still.

    The Genius tested the keyboard by syncing it with the Macbook Pro at the bar, and said "Yeah, that's pretty conclusive, these keys are done. Now, since you've no proof of purchase and it's out of warranty, there's not much we can do. However, on this occasion I'm happy to provide a one off out-of-warranty exchange". He then took a wireless keyboard from the shelf to the left of the Genius Bar, opened the packaging, scanned some barcodes, and placed the new keyboard inside the box I brought my (now) old one in with.

    It's this kind of customer service which, especially in the UK, is utterly unheard of. So I'm now typing on a brand new wireless keyboard, proof that it pays to go in, be honest, and see what the Genius says. The worst they can say is "No", right?

    Very, very pleased AGAIN by Apple Customer Service.
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