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Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ignoble.yeti, Feb 25, 2013.

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    I have a mid-2009 Rev C Macbook Air 2.13 running Snow Leopard. I have installed Coolbook and it seems to be working well since I have the best Geekbench results for this model - 3444 and 3445 respectively, while the average for the model is ~2900. Results without Coolbook are even lower for me (~2400).

    However, I seem to recall that when I first installed Coolbook in 2009, I would get Kernel panics at 0.95 CPU voltage, but now I don't get them at the minimum selectable voltage of 0.925. Does this mean that undervolting isn't really working anymore, and that the good Geekbench results are only due to higher permitted temperature (I have set a limit of 85C)?

    Battery life drops dramatically the minute I perform any processor intensive task. For example, if the battery shows over 4 hours remaining with just Word open, and I open and close iTunes, this will drop to about 2 hours. Actual battery life obtained on average is around 3 hours.

    Hence my questions are:
    -Why am I not getting kernel panics anymore?
    -How do I check actual CPU voltage? Coolbook shows voltage switching, but the reading from iStat Menus is different and static - does not show any variation with processor load. CPU current draw does seem to change.
    -Are there built-in system tools or maybe xcode tools to check CPU voltage?
    -How do I improve battery life? In Coolbook for battery, I currently have two settings from B/2 menu and the minimum speed setting from normal menu, all set to minimum selectable voltage of 0.925V. Throttling is set to low.

    I did experiment with Mountain Lion with and without Coolbook, but it seems much less efficient with the fans going to full speed with even normal web browsing, and battery life drops to below 2 hours.

    Any help is much appreciated!
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    I'm not sure I understand what you mean. This is a Core2Duo machine with OSX 10.6, which I believe continues to be supported?
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    This is not a new computer. Almost 4 years old. The support for this machine is not a matter of debate. I've pointed out that undervolting worked perfectly in the past and I'm seeking to verify that it is currently working as it should.

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