Coolest leather backpack with separate room for MacBook Pro

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by travel4fun, Nov 7, 2013.

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    "Coolness" is a state of mind. You can make anything "Cool" it depends on you. How else can old cars, spiked hair, baldness, baggy pants, tennis shoes and a aluminum colored laptop become cool. Taken by itself they says nothing. Its people who evoke coolness upon them. Think about the english powder wigs in its day it was the coolest. I guess some would still think a powered wig would be cool. Back to the point, what I'm saying is whatever bag you get will be Cool if YOU are a cool person. So focus on practicality and functionality as your goal not "Coolness". In that line of thought have you scrolled through this page LINK it has tons of cool backpacks. If you find something not posted you would be a very cool person if you posted the pictures. Here's a link to some "Cool" music to listen to while you search. Cool Music
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    "cool" and "leather backpack" are mutually exclusive!:cool:
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    Thanks for the lesson on "coolness", zipur. And thanks for the link.

    I'm not trying to be cool or imitate a person who is considered cool. The word "cool" was a way to ask for examples on nice bags who other uses for their Macbook Pros. As inspiration.

    Now I don't know if "nice" also is a word I will get a little lesson on how to use in the right way.
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    We're just giving you a hard time, man. Leather backpacks aren't too common, I don't think I see too often. I can't recall seeing any for sale outside of a place like Nordstrom's or some other higher-end department store.

    Try eBay; just search for leather backpack, find some brands that look nice then check out the brand websites/reviews/amazon for your research.
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    That ASOS Satchel is the very embodiment of a nurse. It's also a satchel not a backpack.
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    Check out the laptop backpacks here. The whole site is dedicated to leather laptop backpacks for both men and women.
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    Coolest Laptop Backpack with Separate Space for Macbook

    If you are looking for the Coolest Laptop Backpack with separate space for Macbook and to handle all your Laptop accessories, Soulful Collection is the best and available option available.

    Check out the best Leather Laptop Backpack for all your needs.

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