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Nov 24, 2010
Scarborough, United Kingdom
Hey Guys,

I have had my latest iOS App 'Coordinate Converter' accepted into the App Store so available for download! :)

App Description:

Convert GPS Coordinates to their respective addresses and vice versa anywhere in the world with Coordinate Converter for iPhone!

The App finds your current GPS Location and automatically generates it's Coordinates and Address. Alternatively, you can enter your own Coordinates or Addresses to be converted. Each location is displayed on a sleek, easy to use map which can be viewed in Map, Satellite and Hybrid modes!

You can then share each Coordinate and Address directly from within the App via Email, SMS, Twitter or Facebook! The text to be shared is automatically generated and can be edited as you require!

Main Features:
- Convert GPS Coordinates to respective address.
- Convert Addresses to respective GPS Coordinates.
- View Locations on Map.
- Share Coordinates and Address via Email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook.

Some screenshots are also attached.

Download from the App Store
Visit the App's Page on JAS Applications

Opinions on the App are appreciated :)



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Nov 23, 2011

i think you wanted to promote your iOS apps. Right??? You can promote your apps on different way like.

  • Submit your apps in iOS apps Reviews site
  • Write good Article about your app spread that over Article directory
  • Write Press Release and spread that over PR sites.
  • Share your app on your official website.
  • Integrate Social Media Buttons in your apps.
  • Promote your apps over Facebook
  • And many more...
Hope this will help you.

Cheers :)
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