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    May 12, 2009
    Hey guys,

    having spend days reading various iTunes HowTo's and guides, I still do not know how to accomplish this: My family's CD collection comprises about 700 discs. All of them are in my Mac's 240GB iTunes library as Apple Lossless files.

    My dad uses a PC (urgh) and wants to have all of the songs on his hard drive, too, to be able to sync them with his iPod. His iPod, however, only has a capacity of 120GB and he has got a 160GB external hard drive for the music files, which is why I cannot simply copy my Lossless library to his PC.

    So the callenge is not move the entire library, there are tons of guides to do this. Instead, I want to convert the music to AAC on my Mac first and then only move these files to his PC's external drive via network. As I have put a lot of effort into my Lossless library, I do not want to take any risks (however, I do have a time machine backup).

    My thoughts:

    1) On my Mac, uncheck "Keep iTunes folder organized" but check "Copy files to iTunes music folder when adding to library".

    2) Set the "iTunes music folder location" to my dad's PC.

    3) Select all songs and choose "Create AAC version".

    4) Once this process has finished, launch iTunes on the PC and import the AAC files.
    Does this also import the artwork? I read that copying the "Album Artwork" folder would solve this.

    This should create converted files on his PC. I could then simply sort my Mac's Lossless library by "Kind" and delete all AAC files from my library so that I can stay with the Apple Lossless files.

    My fear is: When setting the "iTunes music folder location" on my Mac to my dad's PC/his external hard drive, will iTunes try to move my entire Lossless library to the PC, fail and mess up my Mac? I do not want his to happen.

    Do you think there are better ways to do this (which do not involve buying a larger external hard drive for the PC or putting a Toshiba 240GB hard drive into my dad's iPod)?

    Reading in this forum already answered a lot of my questions. This time, however, I have to actually ask one :)
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    May 12, 2009
    Okay so I finally managed to convert all of my Lossless files to AAC, move them to the PC and delete only the AAC files off my Mac's iTunes library.

    But this procedure terribly messed up my iTunes library: The songs can still be played, however, the majority of them is located in the trash can. Not placed in a single folder I could just drag back to my user folder, but as single files >9000. Snow Leopard is not out yet so there is no putback option.

    I have a time machine backup but my internal drive is not large enough to just copy the time machine iTunes library to my user folder. I would have to empty the trash first. Is this save?

    Help please. I'm desperate.

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