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    I got a new machine in the past week and found that I had a number of fonts on the old machine that aren't on the new one. They could have come from previous versions of MS Office or other apps. Anyway, I exported all of the installed fonts (2.5 gb worth !!) and have a copy of them on the new machine - but not installed at this point. Reason is, each one that I try, after confirming they don't already exist on the new machine, gives an error in Font Book:

    1 serious error was found. Do not use this font.

    This has happened with each font that I've tried. With one, I simply ignored the error and installed it anyway to see what would happen. In that case, it simply doesn't show up, as if the OS ignored the override to install it anyway.

    It doesn't matter if I tell Font Book to install them for "User" or "Computer" either.

    How do I get these on the new machine ?
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    FWIW, Office 2016 installs fonts in each application folder not in the usual Fonts > Microsoft folder. Each app has its own fonts for sandboxing reasons. Office 2016 fonts are invisible to Font Book and font management software. Control-Click (Right-click) on Office 2016 app in Applications. You’ll find fonts in this location.

    Contents > Resources > Fonts

    For more details on fonts see Font Management in OS X, by Kurt Lang.

    In the past, some fonts were installed in the User's Library/Fonts folder. Most fonts now are stored in the root Library/Fonts folder.
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    The one font that I realized was missing and I wanted back is "Handwriting-Dakota" and all indications are that it is not supplied by Office.

    More importantly, finding the fonts isn't my problem - it's installing them. I have them as I mentioned.
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    May 1, 2012

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