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    I downloaded a music video that I my wife wants to watch also. I have OSX Leopard 10.5.1 and she has XP. We each have WD USB driven external hard drives. Can I use them to transfer files between Mac and XP?? My options would be to use the extra space on my Time Machine WD External HD or bring the one she uses to save files to the Mac and copy the file from there.

    Any thoughts or recommendations??


  2. McGiord, Feb 9, 2008
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    Just connect the HDD to you Mac, copy the file to it, and then connect it to your wife's PC and she can copy the file from it.
    Just be sure that the HDD you use is currenlty accessible from the PC.

    Other options are to connect both your mac and the pc through your local network and just copy the file through it, but it may not be as fast as with the HDD.
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    What McGiord didn't mention about the HDD method is that the HDD needs to be formatted in Fat32 or the Mac can't write to it. Only read from it.


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