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Sep 4, 2023
I copied for years (for me personally important reason) the music folder (including folder Media and the Music Library) from a (source) Mac to a (target) Mac.
In the past it was the iTunes folder and since I switched from iTunes to Music it doesn't work anymore!
Both Macs are up to date with Ventura 13.5.1. and Music

Unfortunately, the destination Mac does not show the latest (as on the source Mac) playlists/albums/tracks/last added, etc.

However, the newer music files are present in the corresponding folder "Music/Musik/Media.localized/Music".
The folder sizes are also identical.

I assume that MacOS since the change to music still somewhere in the system folder data in addition to the Music Library and stores the appropriate references there.

It somehow worked when I deleted the content in the Music folder on the target Mac but many of the playlists appear differently and album covers are missing :(

By now I also copied /Users/****/Library/Caches/ but still the different playlist appearance and missing album art.

Is anyone here familiar with this?
I have no problem, as soon as the file(s) are identified, to include them in my copy workflow.
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