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Discussion in 'macOS' started by PicnicTutorials, Jan 25, 2016.

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    Hello. On my iMac... I'm organizing thousands of my pictures. Many have the same names but are not the same picture. So when moving it asks... "keep both" or "stop" or "replace". Thats fine as I want to keep all the files so I say keep both then it just ads a copy to the name so both files remain. But when moving more than 4 files at once you loose the "keep both" option and it changes to "skip, stop, or replace". And choosing skip or stop just keeps the file in the same place.

    So is there anyway to move a hundred files at a time and say keep both so it renames each file? Thanks!
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    I've seen recommendations for software called Total Finder. Check it out online and try to find out if it will do this for you.
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    Thanks so is that a No? No way to do this with the current software?

    I find it so crazy. The level of detail hundreds must go in order to create and fine tune these operating systems and they over look such basic details such as this. Surely at least one of the 100 programmers must use the machines themselves and attempt to organize their family photos. Weird.

    So when they hit this wall they just ignore it? Or not even notice? And if they don't even notice then I'm in the wrong line of work
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    I suppose that none of those OS X programmers had any clue that you would want to organize thousands of pictures, many with the same file names on different pictures.
    A few years ago, I was in a similar situation, and organizing by face recognition worked (mostly) pretty good, at least for me. I mostly just ignored the names of the files, as they were usually the generic numbering provided by 4 or 5 different cameras.
    Can you still sort by faces in Photos?
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    Speaking as a programmer, it's this.

    A programmer is likely to start by planning an organizational system first. This might mean following an existing system, or creating a system of one's own. Any programmer knows it's much easier to plan first and execute second, rather than trying to clean up mistakes after an absence of planning.

    Even if the organizational system is changed later, planning beforehand is important. That includes planning how to make the transition, and then deciding whether it's worth the work involved.

    As a programmer, I'd also be perfectly willing to use tools other than Finder to accomplish my goal. I'd evaluate them with a test-run before committing (i.e. plan 1st, execute 2nd), and make a backup beforehand (to simplify cleaning up mistakes). It's pretty obvious that Finder was never designed or intended to perform complex renaming, merging, etc. It's always been this way, and there have been 3rd-party tools for nearly as long.

    That's just one programmer's view, but I think most would agree that planning before starting a large task is better than cleaning up after grave mistakes.

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