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    My son gave his 4 year old daughter his old iPhone (no active account) and there are some great candid pictures on it that I'd like to copy onto my Iphone. We can't email or text them over, and if I plug the phone in to my mac... it sees the phone but doesn't see the camera roll.

    Is there any method to copy the pictures onto my iphone without an active iPhone communications or data account?

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    Wow! 200 views and nobody knows how to do this? C'mon people. LOL!
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    Come on. Waiting for expert advice about the answer
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    Whether or not the phone is active with a sim card that has a phone number and data plan you can still connect the phone to wifi so this should work:

    1 Connect to wifi network
    2 go into the mail program and setup an email account on the iphone (you can use your own email account, it doesn't need to remain on the phone after you're done)
    3 go into the camera roll within and click the button on the top right (looks like a rectangle with an arrow jumping out of it) select all the pictures you want (they will become greyed out and have a check mark over them)
    4 Click the 'Share' button on the bottom left of your screen and then click email.
    Send the email to an address you'd like and when it asks what size make sure you click 'Send Full Size Images' (this option appears when you send photos over email but not sure if it only comes up when you are on a cell network or on wifi... but if the option comes up you want to send full size images)
    5 After you've verified receipt of the images at whatever email address you chose you can go back into Settings -> Mail, Contacts & Calendars and then you can delete the email account

    hope this helps.

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