Copying a DVD, HELP!


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Feb 12, 2002
Morehead, KY
Alright, I have a large collection of DVD's that I have purchased. I have been bad about storing them properly and many are scratched up, so I am now making copies to back all of them up in a big DVD binder I just bought today for 30 dollars. I was trying to copy Hide and Seek and National Treasure with Toast Titanium but the DVDs are both 7.9 gigs. How do I get around this, and just get them onto one DVD each?



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Jun 6, 2005
the ruins of the Cherokee nation
Try getting rid of all of the special features and all of the unnecessary menus. That should help. However if there are multiple audio tracks on the soundtrack that could pose a problem.

Or buy a dual-layer dvd burner :p
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