Copying Apps in Order from iPod Touch to iPhone

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    Aug 16, 2013
    In September I'll be buying an iPhone. I want to get all of the apps that I have on my iPod onto my new iPhone and I want to have them in the same order and the same folders as they are on my iPod, and I don't want to manually add all of my apps.

    Can this be accomplished by restoring it to a backup of my old 4th generation iPod Touch. Also, if I do that, will it think it's an iPod or will it still know that it's an iPhone, displaying "iPhone" in the corner instead of "iPod"?

    Otherwise, will iCloud accomplish this?

    I really want to have all of my apps in the same places and in the same folders on my iPhone as they are on my iPod Touch and I don't want to have to manually arrange them all.
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    Both an iCloud or iTunes backup will do exactly what you want. Just restore either to the new iPhone when setting it up and you're all set.
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    Aug 16, 2013
    Thank You

    Awesome! Thanks!

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