Copying drive, best way to ensure proper permissions?

Discussion in 'macOS' started by Bubbler328, Jun 4, 2015.

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    I have an external hard drive that I copied a ton of stuff off my mom's 2007 iMac onto. It was running 10.7.5.
    She didn't have a time machine or CCC backup (that will be solved with this new computer) and is not located near me, so I just have the jumbled contents on the drive.

    I want to ensure that when or after I copy them to the new machine (10.10.3), I will not have any file permissions issues. I just did a drag and drop and got a warning prompting me to enter an admin name and password to move some files, which makes me nervous about permissions issues after the fact.

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    I'm not sure if this will help, but you could try it.

    Get your mom's new account all prepped and log into it.

    Mount the source drive on the desktop of the new computer.
    Do not open it yet.

    Click the drive's icon ONE time to select it.
    Type "command-i" to bring up the "get info" box.

    Far down in the bottom-right-hand corner, there will be a lock icon.

    Click it, you will be prompted to enter the account's password (I assume this should be your mom's administrative password, OR, if you're just going to have her run a non-administative account it will be whatever administrative password you will use to administer her computer).

    Enter the password, and put a checkmark into the checkbox in the lower-left-hand-corner box "ignore ownership on this volume".

    Once you have done this, I believe you will be able to copy just about anything on the drive into your mom's new account, and she should be able to access that stuff without problems.

    Again, not absolutely certain this will work, but I think it's worth a try before you have to delve into the terminal, etc.

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