Copying MacBook Air to new iMac taking 72 hrs

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by Fitzrovia, Oct 6, 2012.

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    Oct 6, 2012
    Hi. I have just bought a new iMac from apple store and am using migration assistant to transfer all information from my MacBook Air which I use as a portable so I will be using both macs. But I started doing the transfer weds 6pm using my wifi and it has taken 72 hours so far! I am going away tomorrow and need to take the mac air with me so am worried that it will not be finished and that it is not doing what it is meant to be. Plus I can't use either while transfer is happening and am up against deadline. Help!

    Many thanks. Liz.
  2. dusk007, Oct 6, 2012
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    Dec 5, 2009
    Wifi is slow.
    The fast would have been a GBit LAN connection.

    72h is still too slow. Don't you have a Time Machine Backup on an external drive? Restore from there.

    I would stop the process 72h is definitely too slow unless your Wifi is really slow and there other devices using it. Wifi speed depends on the type (g,n,a), on distance and on the devices using it in network.
    Wifi is good for internet or streaming media but not restoring from a full backup.
    At least connect the iMac via cable to the router if you don't have a external hdd or a dongle for the Air. That leaves the entire wifi bandwidth to the Air. Turn of wifi for any other device at home. One device with bad reception like an iphone can lower the transmit rate if the router tries to keep it in the loop and that can kill wifi speed to practically a full stop.

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