copying movie clips from one dvd to another

Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by M. Malone, Feb 27, 2006.

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    Tomorrow I have a presentation for my class, I wanted to copy some clips from a DVD I own into iMovie and add some titles, cause I don't wanna keep forwarding through the movie or select chapters in front of the class, I just want the clips to come on one after the other separated by titles on my new DVD. can somebody help me out? thanks :D

    just tell me how to import the clips from the original DVD, the DVD btw is a commercial motion picture
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    Your job is not a simple one.

    Firstly, it is illegal to do so (although no one would likely say anything--nor do I care--but it is worth mentioning). I doubt your use would fall under fair use because by editing and adding titles you are actually creating a derivative work, which is illegal. (But again, it is extremely harmless to the copyright holder.)

    Second, you need a program to edit movie clips that is probably more powerful than iMovie (but this I am not certain about). I'm not sure how easy it would be to import a whole movie into iMovie (does it import 90+ minute clips?), then chop off the sections you want into clips (does iMovie do this easily, or does it leave the whole movie out once the first cropping of the first clip is done, thus leaving you to have to reimport the whole movie for every clip you want?)

    Third, before you can import the movie into iMovie, you need to rip it from the DVD (I like MacTheRipper). The movie file will be a .VOB file within your Video_TS folder (in which case you must convert it to something iMovie friendly using Handbrake, or iSquint, or VLC). You also can use Handbrake I believe to rip the movie from the DVD and create a correct version for import to iMovie all in one fell swoop, but I don't know the specific details (try Google with search terms such as: iMovie Handbrake DVD or something similar). Needless to say, your steps are:

    1. Rip the movie (Handbrake or MacTheRipper)
    2. Convert the movie to a format that iMovie will accept (google for the answer to this)
    3. Import movie into iMovie.
    4. Make clips.
    5. Edit clips.
    6. Make new movie.
    7. Burn DVD.

    This is a project that will likely take HOURS. Because you want to do this by tomorrow, I feel you are too late and you should simply use the other method you mentioned, no matter how low-tech it is.

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