Copying Photos from iPhone-iPhone?

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    Hi all,
    I have two iPhones (ip6 ios8.4 and ip6s ios.9.3.3)

    How can I transfer/copy all my photos from one iPhone to another without restoring? I already tried to restore from IOS8 backup to IOS9 but had issues with the latest JB so did a new restore.

    I am trying uploading to icloud but its taking forever (near 4000 pics) and wondering if there is an app I can do it on my mac faster?
    I have tried iFile to copy them over the DCIM folders for pictures but they dont show up in IOS9.3.3 for some reason so not sure, any ideas or other ways?

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    Think I may import them into my Photos app on my Mac then sync them through iTunes with the new phone.
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    Copy them in a folder on your computer.
    And then use itunes to sync that folder over to your other phone.
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    Thanks got them on the phone now but they are in an import folder and not in the camera roll also cannot delete them, unless I do it on the computer. pants!

    EDIT: Found the way to do it via iFunbox!

    Plug in iPhone
    Goto iFunbox app and select "Raw file system"

    Navigate to:

    Device > var > mobile > Media > DCIM

    Copy all the folders e.g. 101APPLE, 102APPLE....etc to your computer

    Plug in new iPhone
    copy all your 101APPLE, 102APPLE ....etc folders back into DCIM

    once that is done go up a folder in iFunbox to Media and open PhotoData

    in there delete the files:


    Reboot the phone and goto Photos and all your imported pictures will restore back into Camera roll!

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