Copying songs from iTunes vs Downloading from Apple Music

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    I've got a very frustrating problem with my daughter's phone. I'll mention to start that, for other reason, I just completely reset her phone and set it up as new.

    So there's a song not available on Apple music that she purchased, then copied onto her phone. Then she went to Apple Music and tried to download songs. An alert popped up that said she needed to turn on iCloud Library. Fine, we turned it on. Songs can download fine. Problem is, the song she copied over disappeared from the Music app. It's still on the phone, but she can't listen to it.

    So she can either see/listen to songs she copies from iTunes or songs she downloads from Apple Music. But not both. Anyone know how to fix this? Is there a setting I'm missing?
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    From the iPhone iTunes Store>more>Purchased>Music

    Locate the song and download it to the iPhone.

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