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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by tikibangout, Aug 14, 2005.

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    Yet another question I have, that sounds pretty silly, but I have some .zip files and some other data files that I want to copy to a CD-R. I remember in windows all you had to do was drag the files to the CD, but i'm noticing it doesn't work the same in Mac OS X. Should a CD icon appear on the desktop when you put one in? I put a blank one in and it doesn't show, thus I have no clue how to copy files to a CD-R. Thanks.
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    Step 1: In system preferences -> CDs and DVDs, make sure "When you insert a blank CD" is set to "Open Finder" or "Ask what to do."

    Step 2: Insert the DVD.

    Step 3: Open it from the icon on the desktop or in the left side of a finder window. Drag files onto it.

    Step 4: Drag the CD to the trash or press the icon next to it in the left hand side of the Finder window. This will burn and then eject.

    Only difference between Windows and OS X is that OS X burns a single session disk by default. If you want an multisession disk, you have to burn with Disk Utility, instead of Finder, or with another app like Toast.

    I think the reason it is not working for you is that the setting in Step 1 is set incorrectly. Change it to Ask What to Do, and you won't have to worry again. :)

    If that doesn't work, post back; something more serious is wrong. :(

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