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Corning Unveils New Scratch Resistant 'Gorilla Glass Victus' That Could Be Used in Future iPhones


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple partner Corning today unveiled its latest product, which it is calling Gorilla Glass Victus. Gorilla Glass Victus is more scratch resistant than previous versions of Gorilla Glass, and Corning says that manufacturers who use it for their devices will see significant gains in drop and scratch performance.

Corning shared a video showing off Gorilla Glass Victus surviving a series of tests, including drops of up to two meters. In a Knoop Diamond Scratch Test, the Victus glass was able to withstand an 8 Newton Load, beating out competing products that were tested alongside it, and it was also able to withstand more pressure and more drops before succumbing to breakage.

Corning regularly comes out with new versions of Gorilla Glass that are more impact resistant, but improved scratch resistance has been harder for the company to improve upon in a significant way.

Devices made with Victus glass should be able to better withstand scratches, but they still won't be invulnerable. When The Verge asked Corning VP Jaymin Amin if bits of dirt, sand, metal, and other materials could still cause a scratch, Amin said that kind of caveat would likely apply to "any glass material." Gorilla Glass Victus, though is able to "reduce those instances quite dramatically."

Corning has been a longtime Apple supplier, with Gorilla Glass used in devices across Apple's product lineup. Apple in 2017 provided Corning with $200 million for research, development, and new equipment as part of Apple's Advanced Manufacturing Fund. Apple provided another $250 million in late 2019.

Corning told The Verge that at least one smartphone manufacturer found Victus to be so much better than Gorilla Glass 6 that it has decided to put a thinner layer of the new glass on its devices instead of maximizing durability, but there's no word on which manufacturer this was.

Samsung will be the first manufacturer to introduce a product with Victus glass in the coming months, and other unspecified manufacturers are also working on devices with Victus Glass.

Article Link: Corning Unveils New Scratch Resistant 'Gorilla Glass Victus' That Could Be Used in Future iPhones


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Oct 22, 2010
This is awesome. That looks like something that could finally reduce the number of shattered glass :)
Way to go, Corning. Keep up the good work


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Dec 17, 2018
Do you ever think NASA, Apple, Stanford and Corning already developed the greatest glass 15 years ago and they're just cashing in incrementally moving us toward Corning Gorilla Hologram Carbon Fiber Unobtainium-Adamantium-Vibranium Composite Invisible Parallel Dimension Glass 18X2.IV ?


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May 14, 2012
Why not completely wrap the iPhone 13 in GG and remove all ports and holes. Then you can have a full wrap around screen. :cool:


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Mar 20, 2003
Bay Area
Every generation seems to be twice as strong and scratch resistant as the previous. Yet my iPhone 11 Pro is just a scratched up and broken as my iPhone 4 was 😢
Just what I came to post. I feels like this story gets posted every couple of years, and I’ve yet to notice a meaningful difference in real-world performance (and I’ve had iphones since the original).
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Jun 29, 2015
What is funny about this is that "victus" apparently translates as "defeated" from Latin.
...if it is the ever breaking former glass, let's have it defeated. And: writing "vici" would be a lie, because it still breaks and scratches.
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Feb 23, 2010
Are we finally getting "scratches at a level 7 with deeper grooves at a level 8"

All this jabber about new glass tech.
When it goes up a single level for Jerry's test THEN I will regard it as a reality improvement, and not just marketing bull.
Five years ago....................

What happened?


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Dec 23, 2015
Every generation seems to be twice as strong and scratch resistant as the previous. Yet my iPhone 11 Pro is just a scratched up and broken as my iPhone 4 was 😢

Well yes that is because Corning doesn't decide how thick the glass on Smartphone are, when they are stronger, manufacture also have the tendency to use a thinner glass.

Not sure if the future is still glass, we will soon have OLED Touch Screen Display Panel that could do without the glass, it will simply be plastic and really scratch resistants ( Self Heal ) and doesn't break. The only problem I could see is if that you could "stab" it with something it would very easily break. May be even putting it in your pocket along side with coins or keys.

So it is a trade off I am not too sure if everyone likes.
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Mar 18, 2014
South, South Texas
Corning’s video shows the screen glass hitting flat on its face. Real world cases have the screen glass falling on it’s edges. Doesn’t seem much of an improvement unless they can prove it’s stronger on its edges.
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Nov 17, 2012
Townsville, Australia
Eh. Even Apple’s fad “sapphire” camera lenses scratch like a glass. Glass is glass and glass will scratch.

would love to see Apple using proper sapphire like HTC did a few years ago with one of theirs.
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Oct 3, 2015
I do like the idea of them getting better and better, and the results from the video look great. But I’m not sure the intern who picked the music for that video should stay in their position. Doesn’t fit at all 😂


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Jan 8, 2011
Just use sapphire and don’t drop the phone. I don’t care about drop tests, I hate scratches, and every phone glass scratches to easily.
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