Correct Method to Copy Local App Data Between Two JB Devices

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    Nov 2, 2011
    Hey Guys -

    My question is pretty simple: What is the best way to copy locally saved application data between tweo jailbroken devices for a specific application? The bad thing is that I have one shot at this as my level progress will transfer over to the new iPad even without a copy, but the sequential days logged in will reset if content isn't correctly copied.

    I got an iPad Pro (A12) for Christmas and since then have used it for everything except playing Candy Crush Soda nightly which I must do on my old iPad since the daily save data doesn't save into the cloud. :( Fortunately, the A12 jailbreak was released today, I've already jailbroken the iPad Pro (old iPad was already jailbroken), have SSH'd into each, and am in the Candy Crush folder within each (/private/var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/AppHexID/ - got the hex ID for each using Filza)

    I downloaded the entire app folder from each for backup. The old iPad contained 2,575 files while the new iPad Pro (haven't ever launched CC on it) contained just 16 :) With that being said, should I...
    1. Copy & Overwrite all files/folders then verify permissions match?
    2. Copy & Skip Existing all files/folders then verify permissions match?
    3. Copy & Overwrite just the Documents folder then verify permissions match?
    4. Copy & Overwrite just the Documents & Library folders then verify permissions match?
    5. Copy & Skip Existing for just the Documents & Library folders then verify permissions match?
    6. Something different?
    My current thought is #5 since the app hasn't ever been launched, but not sure which is why I'm posting...

    Below is a comparison of the amount of content from each backup if it helps...
    Old iPad (Content to Transfer)
    • /Documents 2,265 files / 77 folders / 23.5mb
    • /Library: 33 files / 44 folders / 60.5mb
    • /StoreKit: 1 file / 0 folders / 4.66kb
    • /SystemData: 7 files / 5 folders / 88.6kb
    • /tmp: 1 file / 1 folder / 79 bytes
    New iPad Pro (Copying Content To)
    • /Documents 0 files / 1 folders / 0mb
    • /Library: 14 files / 10 folders / 933kb (Difference includes Cookies & Google Ad data, but 99% of it is content of Caches folder)
    • /StoreKit: 1 file / 0 folders / 4.66kb
    • /SystemData: 0 files / 0 folders / 0kb
    • /tmp: 0 file / 0 folder / 0 bytes
    If it makes a difference, the old iPad runs 11.x and new one 12.x obviously.

    Any suggestions are appreciated - Thanks!
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    Nov 2, 2011
    Hey Guys -

    Despite no replies, I went for it and choose to go with option #4 above... and it worked!!

    For any others who may have this question in the future, once I uploaded (and replaced) all files on the new device; I verified permissions were the same as on the old device then launched CC for the first time. I was immediately prompted to log into Facebook (which it uses to sync just the level information) so did so. Once done, CC displayed my daily "reward" ~300 days in as I was hoping. If I had not copied these files, it would have reset to day #1 as that information is not synced to the cloud.

    Hope it helps someone. Thanks

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