Correct proccess of going from timeline to VFX?

Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by shadowknight123, Aug 5, 2009.

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    Aug 5, 2009
    Hello again everyone, one last quick question.

    I am finishing up a short film and I'm using Adobe Creative Suite 3, using Premiere, After effects, and soundbooth out of the package. (i dont really know how to intertwine Photoshop into after effects? If anyone knows what it's used for in film I would greatly appreciate it, I thought it was strictly for still photos.)

    Anyways with Creative Suite 3 they have a very tight and easy flowing intergration, my steps are as follow.

    1. Capture mini DV by scenes and lay them into folders. Make sure its all organized.
    2. Lay the clips in the timeline that best fits; angels, actions by the actors and overall best visual picture for the viewer, ect.
    3. Once my entire first scene is done (example) i then copy one clip thats cut up to the timing i like and paste it into After Effects. I then do what I need in after effects, Color correct, or track motion if im adding in some visual effects.
    4. I render all the scenes at once into a "final" folder for that specific scene #.
    5. I then relay the clips over the older ones
    6. Begin adding music and SFX
    7. Move onto the next scene.

    I find this to work very smoothly. However what if your using Final Cut Pro? Or Avid? How do you get your clips that are in your timeline, timed perfectly, into after effects or photoshop or what ever program you use, to do more work to your clips? Thats a huge question of mine thats been building up, and kind of holding me back from moving forward and buying a Mac and (re)Begin working with final cut. I used FCE in the past on my mac G5 but it was very slow, crashed alot, and the Viewer panels would always bug out on me, got frusterated and moved to the PC.

    So iv been away from using a Mac for quite a few years, How is it Editing on one of there laptops? Or is it best to go for the Desktop. Anyone know if they got any trade in deals going on right now maybe. I would still be using my Mac G5 if I could figure out why the viewer panels would bug out and not even allow me to view the clips in the timeline. Very odd.

    Thank you all
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    Apr 16, 2008
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    I'm not a VFX guy, but generally speaking, most of the VFX guys I work with request DPX, Targa (TGA) or TIFF image sequences. You can output to a TGA or TIFF sequence at the desired frame rate using Quicktime Conversion in FCP.

    Uncompressed SD or HD video also works well.

    It's not exactly the smooth workflow you get with Premiere/AE, but it works.

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