Correct way to "migrate" AppleIDs?

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    My (ex-)girlfriend and I are splitting up, and I'm struggling to figure out how to correctly (and legally) split up our Macs and AppleIDs.

    Let's try and keep it easy: Up until now, both our laptops were registered to me. The MacBooks themselves are registered to my AppleID, software was bought an my AppleID (some of which is on both computers, some is exclusively on one or the other).

    I figure that the Apps we bought will (have to) be and stay bound to my AppleID. That's OK—she'll have to buy the Apps she needs for herself again (it's not that much anyway). But particularly regarding the hardware, I believe it should be/get assigned to her AppleID, just in case of any warranties or whatever. It simply wouldn't make any sense anymore for it to be registered to me.


    1. How does one "transfer" ownership of a MacBook from one person to another? (Should be a common issue, like when selling/buying used Macs…)

    2. How does one switch AppleIDs on the App Store? Is it enough to just log out with the old and log in with the new account? (The "unregistered" Apps will probably be disabled/require logging in with the other account? What happens with free Apps; particularly, do those get taken over without much fuss?)

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    The computer part should be easy. In most cases the warranty stays with the hardware and the person who possess it at that time. However, if you want to transfer it officially you just need to call apple and provider the serial#, and your ex's Apple ID and info (I think name, address and appleID is all you need, no password). They will register it under her name.

    The AppleID in the app store, iTunes, etc., should be as easy as logging out and logging in with her ID. I'd just go to Prefs-->iCloud and remove your ID from the main system first, then go through and ensure you log out of each Apple storefront and I think you'll be good.

    When you switch logins to the ex's, I don't think you'll lose any of the programs that are installed currently, but she'll be unable to download them again if she deletes them or gets a new computer. That's just the nature of buying them under your ID initially.

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    Sounds easy enough—thank you!
    I'll call Apple and execute the proposed steps. Will keep you updated, in case I run into any trouble. ;-)


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