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Mar 31, 2004
I spent countless weeks on scanning all my photos from my travels to my wedding on to CD-R.
I did it all on my old computer and before selling my old windows pc i checked all the discs to make sure they had the photos on.
So now why oh why when i put them in my mac they show up in finder but when i click on them they seem to have nothing on them except 10mbs of used space.Theres basically nothing there...
I went round to my friends house who has a pc and tried to open them there,some of the photos showed up but most of them didn't.
I have had the discs in storage but in dry conditions and in boxes and the discs themeselves have no marks or scratches on them.
Does anyone know of a program to open corrupted discs if not i'll have to rescan them all and i really really don't want to do that,i have about 15,000 photos.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Scott


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Jul 22, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Oooh, sorry there pal... sounds like a the burner you burned them with is bad, or something you were doing on the computer when the CD was burned messed up burning.

Sorry, but there is no remedy for corrupt discs :( I wish this wasn't true -


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Apr 19, 2004
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Maybe the only drive that can read them is the drive that created them?

You could contact the person you sold it to and ask if you could use it for a few hours. Since it is wedding pics they might understand...

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