Corrupt disk and locating files.

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    Mac Rumors,

    I am having some ****** luck and im hoping someone could help me out. I will try and make this as short and as direct to the point as possible.

    In 09 I got my first mac and loved it. I had about a year to get to know it. its file structure, file types etc. So to say the least, I didnt have enough time to really get everything down pat. Like where all the specific files are, etc.

    I ended up 1300 bucks short for my engagement ring so it was either sell my car or my macbook (I made the wrong choice.)

    At the time I had a 512GB Intel SSD in the main drive bay and a hitachi travelstar 500GB 7200 RPM drive in the optibay. I had used Carbon copy cloner NUMEROUS times during testing and messing around with the dual drives and different partitions (at one point having OSX, XP and Linux on at the same time.) So to say the least I was very familiar with how to use CCC.

    So when I sold my MBP I threw the optic drive back in and sold it with the SSD. I took my 500GB hitachi drive, formated it in an external closure and used CCC to image my mac. It has ALL my pictures and home movies on it allong with a lot of programs. I think I was using something like 400GB of the 500 GB drive. All the personal files were encrypted using disk utility.

    Then I booted it to make sure it worked. Everything worked great So I put the now external drive in a case and it sat inside of a drawer.

    fast forward to now. I purchased my mother a mac mini for christmas. This was a great opportunity to get all my encrypted pics and movies off the drive. So i plugged in the drive via USB, rebooted holding option and it shows the drive but wont let me boot it.

    When I plug in the drive while the mac is on, a message pops up saying "the disk was not readable by this computer".

    When I open disk utility and try to repair it, it says disk utility cant repair, back up as many files as possible, blah blah blah. the only info it gives me is the name of the disk which is disk2s2, and that it is formated as mac os extended.

    Apparently Between me testing to see if this disk was bootable, packing it up and storing it in a drawer and pulling it out a year later it got corrupt and wont boot.

    So here is the deal. I installed Data rescue 3. The first option I try is quick scan. DR3 tells me right away that the boot files are corrupt and it will need deep scan. So I run Deep scan and 10 hours later I have A LOT of system files.

    I have tried to go through it and find the encrypted files (which should just be dmg's right?) but no luck.

    Is there anything else anyone can think of to get the files off of this "corrupt" drive? I dont have enough experience with the Mac file system and just the mac in general to get this thing to work.

    making this thread was my last ditch effort to see if anyone has any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    EDIT this was supposed to be in the OS X sub-forum, but I suck at life...
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    Jan 12, 2011
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    Hi Mike,

    It could be that the hard drive is corrupted, but it sounds unlikely, especially if it's been stood still for a year.

    I would try plugging it into a Windows machine and seeing how Windows reacts to it. Same with Linux.

    Also, try installing ReFit. Long story short its an alternate way to boot into hard drives at boot time.
  3. MikeSantor thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 9, 2009
    Chicago, Dirty South.
    Thanks for the replay. I agree that it should not have went corrupt from just sitting. Thats what has me scratching my head. I tried plugging it in my Fiancées Winbloze machine and nothing happens. I cant get any info on it since it is formated for the mac. I had this same thought but no go.

    Ill try the linux option.

    I actually used ReFit when I tribooted OSX, XP and *Nix, I never thought to try that program, good call.

    Right now im using data rescue to make a copy of the currupt drive. According to DR3 sometimes recovering files works better when it has been cloned first onto the internal HDD. So that will take another couple hours until I can try anything.

    Thanks again for the ideas, keep em comming.
  4. MikeSantor thread starter macrumors regular

    Jun 9, 2009
    Chicago, Dirty South.
    So I tried rEFIt with no luck.

    Then I tried clicking the dmg file that data rescue 3 made which was just supposed to be a clone of the HDD and a warning pops up saying the following disk images couldnt be opened. reasons, no mountable file systems.

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