Corrupted apps or base system?

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    I have rebuilt and restored my iPhone 2 dozen times. I am on my 4th 4th generation phone.

    What happens is that 4 days after a restore and rebuild my battery life goes to hell. The phone gets amazingly hot and sluggish and dies in 4 hours.

    I have erased, restored on only one Mac. However I have deleted all firmware and freshly downloaded from Apple.

    Here are my questions:

    1. Can having too many email accounts corrupt the iOS onboard the phone? I have 9, some IMAP, some POP and 1 Exchange.

    2. Can an app do this?

    I think I see some emerging patters. Updating 'over the air' is generally a problem. It shouldn't be, but this seems to accellerate the issue. Syncing with Mobile me is also a potential problem source. As for apps. when Apple tuns the diagnostic software at the genious bar, only Mail seems to be crashing and is running many hidden data processes that are sucking battery life.

    I have tried with just 1 email and the best I get is 4 days.

    Is it possible for some file or account type to corrupt the system somehow?

    I've never had an issue with my original or 3G. Just the iPhone 4. My current build has only 11 must use apps and my 3G uses the same 'build' from backup. Side by side the brand new iPhone 4 lasts 2.5 hours in standby and the 3G all day. It is not hardware as Apple has replaced the ohine 4 times. The odds of 4 bad phones in a row are mind numbing.
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    I don't think that having a lot of email accounts can be a problem... However, I guess that having 11 email accounts and refreshing them frequently can really drain your battery faster as a lot of processing is involved... I have 6 email accounts and that didn't seem to be a problem (despite my battery cycle lasting for 10 hours, I think it is about a lot of usage)

    My guess is that maybe you iPhone has a CPU issue..

    Have you tried to watch a HD video streaming or playing a 'CPU heavy' game for about 30 minutes and felt the iPhones temperature rising?

    P.e., when a CPU is not being cooled down properly, it is normal to heat a lot and then start to be sluggish to protect it from permanent damage... (burn out).

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    I doubt it

    That would be my guess.
    I have seen 4 threads on this in the last couple of months, and have been involved in three of them. I'm not certain that you have the same problem, but I bet that you do.
    When this is happening, have you looked at your usage and standby times?
    Are they the same when this is happening?
    Here is what I know, and you can easily try this.
    Turning off WiFi and cellular data stops it. Which of course, means that it is something that is accessing the internet.

    Restoring as New is a temporary fix only, as you found out.

    Turning off notifications, and location services, had no affect, but if it was my phone, that is probably the first thing that I would have done.

    Since you have had it replaced 4 times, it's certainly not a bad CPU, or any other hardware for that matter.

    Are you talking about updating apps?
    I would be suspicious of this as well.

    Are you using push, fetch, or manual?

    I guess it's possible, but I doubt it. If that were the case, you would see many more of these posts.

    Check your usage and standby times, and see if they match.

    I agree, it's not hardware. My guess would be that it is something accessing the internet.

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