Corrupted iPod says it's "busy" on attempted restore

Discussion in 'iPod' started by foidulus, Oct 15, 2007.

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    Jan 15, 2007
    I have a 1st gen iPod photo(was there more than one gen?) and a few months ago it had some minor issues, it would freeze on certain songs and one time I got the sad iPod, but miraculously it somehow recovered... that is until about a week ago.

    I observed similar problems, would lock up for about 10 seconds on certain songs, would skip some all together, got really hot, but most of the time it worked. So I plugged it into my powerbook to sync it with some podcasts and a bunch of photos I took recently and everything seemed to work fine.

    I go to listen to it and find out it is empty! no songs, no playlists etc. Solitare game seemed to work though. So I try to re-sync it and itunes comes up with a message saying "iPod foidulus seems to be corrupted, would you like to restore it?" I select yes, it checks for firmware updates, finds one, and proceeds to download it. However, when it goes to actually update the ipod it now says that it is "busy" and refuses to update. It doesn't appear to be loaded as a disk, and the first update DID erase the name, but other than that nothing. One time it even hard locked so bad that I had to let the battery drain just to turn it off....

    Any suggestions on why it might report to be "busy"? I still have Applecare on it through April 08, but given my current insane schedule I doubt that I would be able to return it till Christmas. BTW, what would be the chances of getting a video iPod as a replacement if mine is unfixable?

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