cosmetic damage on imac after repair

Discussion in 'iMac' started by vtran, Feb 28, 2011.

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    vtran macrumors member

    Dec 22, 2009
    My 27inch imac (late 2009) was acting weird so I decided to take it to the local apple store and they found that the HDD was failing. Today I get a call that they the finished swapping HDD and it was ready to be picked up. Finally, I get there and inspect the machine to find that the bezel was chipped similar to someone trying to pry it open with a flathead screw driver plus there was a lot of dust in the panel. Like anyone would be, I was extremely pissed and the employees were nonchalant about the whole situation. Their only solution to this mess was to replace the rear housing and make me wait another week because the part must be directly shipped from Cupertino. So, I just left and went home to call customer relations because the employees at that store simply did not seem to care. Ten minutes later, I spoke to a very nice rep who helped me call the store manager at the store and demand that this repair is bumped up to #1. He also said that if they dont call me in 72 hours about the repair then I should contact him again because this is absolutely ridiculous.

    So, my question is has anyone had a similar situation where they had to replace the housing? did they do a crappy job or was it nicely done? Also, did anyone have any potential internal problem later? I'm just worried since they couldn't even properly swap the HDD without damaging something then how can I expect them to do a better job transferring everything to another housing.

    oh yeah and i plan on testing the machine at the store but what are good programs for testing/what should i test for? thanks!
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    If they screw up now, ask for a replacement. There are plenty of threads about this and this happens by time to time. Could be that the guy handling it last time was sloppy but hopefully he or someone else will do better job now.
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    Feb 24, 2011
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    Same thing happened to me just last week. They damaged my MBP during repair and were very rude about it. also, they didn't fix the problems I had anyways! No way I was going back to this store though! Executive relations handled the issue for me and I'm getting a brand new replacement this week! So my advice: don't take it back there if they were not understanding about your complaint! Try if you can take it somewhere else OR let them do it again and check the iMac for cosmetic damages at the store when you get it back. Also see if you can power it on while you're there to check if it works OR make a deal with customer care that you can take it home try it and then call them if anything is wrong. Good luck!
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    May 14, 2010
    I had the exact same problem when I put mines in for repair, the bezel was scratched and chipped, and the display was covered in wipe marks and fingerprints on the inside. The fingerprints, I had to send it back downstairs 3 times while I was standing there for it to come back in a reasonable conditions, whereas the beze,l the tech said he would order it in and replace for free obviously, although I would have to book it in and could take upto 10 days.

    When I was in at my local store yesterday complaining about some things, you will see them in my thread, I explained to the manager that I accepted that these things happen and it was human error, to which he promptly replied "They shouldn't happen, not in here". If you are having troubles with your genius team, go straight to the manager as I did, and you will be surprised with the attitude difference and it will get sorted for you.
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    Well, they gave me the choice to take it home or leave it so I decided to leave it there so once the part comes in then it will be repaired immediately. I will definitely speak to the store manager when I am called to pick it up because it is ridiculous to make me wait another week due to their incompetence.

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