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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by turtlebud, Jan 29, 2008.

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    i'm looking for a cost effective solution for running windows on a mac laptop. we will be using it to check email/surf the web, maybe some light picture viewing/editing, logging in to work via windows, music. we were originally going to make this our replacement for our powerbook, but after playing with it in the apple store, my wife thought the screen felt too small, so it's become a temporary fix instead of long term buy. here's what we're looking for:

    cost: the cheaper the better, definitely under 1k, since we'll need to buy xp (probably oem) install too
    laptop: it'll be replacing our current powerbook g4 temporarily (i'll be selling it - and then hopefully when we have a better cash flow we can upgrade to a macbook pro). we like the portability and being able to work anywhere in the house or bringing it out if we need to
    resale value: this kind of goes hand and hand with cost, but we're looking for something that'll hold it's resale value relatively well since we will probably be upgrade to a mbp eventually (maybe 6 to 12 months later)

    not important: max RAM (originally wanted the new ones so I could max it out at 4gigs, but this is a temp fix, i'm okay with 2gigs max), superdrive (don't think we'll need to burn DVDs with this - can use my powermac for that), color (esp since we're concerned with price, we don't mind a white macbook over a black one), hard drive space (i think 60gigs should be sufficient for us - don't plan on doing heavy duty video or photos on this)

    currently looking at the macbook - refurbs at apple store ($749 - don't know if that's coming back again, $899 - with tax, it's $974, amazon $1024 after rebate). oh, and i thought about a mac mini, or even a windows laptop or desktop, but then I realized how silly that was. we want the portability so the mac mini & windows desktop is out and a windows laptop seems silly cause we'd only be using windows maybe once a week for work and we would be using the mac side of it the majority of the time.

    suggestions? ideas?
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    Jan 9, 2004
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    Forum sale Macbook seems like the best bet to me.... C2D if possible but the CD's are very usable. You should be able to get that for about $800 if you shop around, which would still be under $1k with a copy of XP and Parallels or VMWare (if you want it).

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