Cost to repair MBP keyboard / trackpad?

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by samssf, May 27, 2009.

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    Hi all,

    I purchase a Macbook Pro in the summer of '07. Last winter, about two or three months out of the one year warranty (I didn't buy Apple care) my keyboard and trackpad started behaving sporadically.

    I was able to determine that a ribbon cable located under the battery, that connects to the keyboard / trackpad and logic board seemed to have a very poor connection and was bent.

    Because I was out of warranty, I decided to play around with the cable and found that putting a piece of tape to hold down the cable resolved the problem. Around that time I also found blogs and a massive number of comments on the apple boards online detailing the same problem and at times offering a similar solution.

    Well, this worked for a couple months, until the problem occurred again and the fix no longer works. I started using a wireless keyboard and mouse, since I wasn't sure what to do about the situation, and since I assumed getting it repaired would be costly and attempts to get it repaired free would be futile. I also dismantled it and installed a larger hard disk, per instructions on ifixit.

    So now I need to get the situation resolved as I'd like to use the laptop on the road and do some traveling... and definitely need the trackpad and keyboard to work. But there's a couple things that really bother me about the situation...

    1) The MBP has a standard one-year warranty. Ok, fine. But that tells me that Apple doesn't expect their laptops to work longer than a year. If they did, they'd provide a longer warranty for free.

    2) Everyone says to buy apple care. But again, it feels wrong that I should have to pay a significant amount more to protect from manufacturing defects or "normal wear and tear". I didn't buy it because I wasn't traveling with the laptop, it has just sat on a desk and I don't make heavy use of it. So why should I pay extra for fear that the product would for some reason stop working? Or do they really tend to last only one year? Please help me understand the logic here.

    To make the situation more complicated, I dropped the MBP about a month or two ago, and it hit a digital piano frame and now has a small dent in it. It didn't make any noticeable change in performance, but I expect that now Apple will blame the keyboard / trackpad problem on my dropping it. Apple hasn't publicly fessed up to the faulty ribbon connection which I'm convinced IS a hardware defect based on everything I was able to find online.

    If anyone can offer advice on how to proceed I'd appreciate it... I'd like to get a working laptop in the most cost efficient method possible. And, I very much love OSX and the MBP design, but my confidence in Apple has been greatly diminished based on stories I've read regarding the keyboard / trackpad hardware issue as well as other problems. Perhaps someone can share some positive stories here.

    I don't believe I'm wrong in expecting Apple products to work for many years, provided I personally don't do anything harmful. And of course, AppleCare wouldn't cover a dropped / water-damaged laptop, anyway. So I'm more than willing to suck up any accidents I myself might cause.
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    I dont think any electronics company offers more than a 1 year warrenty.

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