Could anyone help me pick a Surface pro?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by streetfoldsfive, Dec 26, 2015.

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    Hey /r/Surface[1] [1] , I just started hanging around this sub after a few months of considering purchasing a surface pro 3 or 4. My issue is that i'm having trouble picking what specs I would need. I'm not the best at determining what I won't really need, and as a result I always spec high and under use.

    So my needs...

    I'm a college student who is becoming on the move from my campus more. Between trips to work, home, internships, trips, etc.. My Late 2012 iMac is stationary and can't be moved easily.

    While on the go the system will primarily be used for Web browsing (Reddit, YouTube, News Sites, Social Media, Etc.), Word Processing, working in audacity/recording audio for a podcast, some minor video work if possible, and the occasional indie game on steam (Undertale, BoI, etc..)

    What do you all think would be the perfect match for me in either the Pro 3 or 4? Obviously as a college student I can't blow big money so the farther away from a grand the better. My concerns with the Pro 3 are if its showing its age, not being stocked anymore.

    Some Off topic questions: How does Comixology work on Surface? I read A LOT of comic books.

    Are there any lesser known deals around? Microsoft seems to be sold out of most Pro 3's. Thanks for all the help :)
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    Aug 23, 2005
    Your needs are really quite light processor wise. The Core M version of the Surface Pro 4 would likely be able to service your needs. I would try and get one if possible with more memory than faster processor for long term usage / benefit.
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    Microsoft had SP3 i3/4/128 on sale for $500 edu otherwise look at the fanless SP4 Core M3/4/128.
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    I bought the 4 instead of the 3 mainly because I wanted the higher resolution screen. I ended up getting the i5/8/256 model and have been pleased with the performance, even with demanding 3D CAD/CAM applications like Solidworks and Siemens NX.
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    You might want to consider the i3 Surface Pro 3. You can get it for $500 and it's what I'm using for graduate school. It works really well, and has great battery life. It powers a large monitor well so it's really my main computer and tablet as well. Make sure to buy the newer Surface cover keyboard, not the old one. The new one its much better.
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    i have a Surface Pro 4 with an i7, 16 gigs ram and a 256 gig ssd for 1500

    edit:nevermind just read you want to spend less than a grand
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    Jun 10, 2006
    This is exactly what I was going to recommend to OP.

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