Could do with some advice on a short term holiday job and CV

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Spanky Deluxe, Jun 2, 2006.

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    Ok, I need to get a job down back home in Brighton (UK) for the coming holidays. I've been thinking that I'd really like to work in a book store and there are plenty of them around there. I don't want to work in a bar or as a waiter or anything like that because it would drive me nuts. I need a job just to help me tick over for the Summer months and help pay the bills.
    Now I need to write a CV. My plan was to write a CV, attach a photo of myself and send it to loads of book shops, I've got a list of about 20, hoping to get lucky. I've got about three months to play with job wise.
    Now I could probably churn out a pretty impressive CV but then I'm not applying for big boy jobs, if I was out of Uni I could probably get a reasonably high paying job and could write a CV for that, however, all I want for the holidays is a low-stress 'easy' holiday job and I'm a bit wary about coming across over qualified.
    Stuff I could put on a potential CV are A-Levels which are top grades, my Uni degree, Physics with Theoretical Astrophysics (maybe I should just write that as Physics for this though), president of an Athletic Union club, a Microsoft Certified Professional, 3 years experience working for a computer networking support company, ongoing experience working for a online pr/web design company, the list goes on. The only thing is I don't actually have any experience working in retail, i.e. I've never used a till.
    I'm not sure as to what I should put in the CV or also whether I should make it clear that I'm only available for the next three months.
    I live in the centre of town and any of these places would be at most ten minutes walk away.

    Any suggestions?
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    If you state that you're x number of years into a course and applying for a job starting in the summer most employers will assume that you're only after a job for the summer. Especially as you're studying Astrophysics and want to work in a bookshop :p .
    I'd look at your CV and assume that, so no harm in stating it in an interview. It makes it easier all round if you're honest upfront about how long you want to work. If they're not happy with you only wanting to work for 3 months then that's the way it goes. There are a number of companies who appreciate people who want to work over the holidays, for whatever reason, as it gives them flexibility to "regular" employees.
    Honesty is always the best approach - particularly if you want to work there in the next break.
    Have you considered a temp agency? Might not be overly exciting but it is a useful way of breaking up the monotony, and some places you can go will look good on a CV. Agencies are also more likely to let you work for a few months.
    2p deposited :D

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