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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by edoane, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. edoane macrumors newbie

    Oct 2, 2011
    I am a long-time Mac user and currently own an i7 2.93 iMac and a 13" Macbook Pro C2D 2.4. I bought them both around the same time 10 months ago and have been loving every second of it... until about three weeks ago.

    My 13" would intermittently freeze up and shut down, the bottom portion of the screen would become a shade darker than the rest of the screen and my optical drive would not read DVD-R's at all. About two days later, whenever I booted up the computer, it stayed stuck on the grey screen and the 'waiting wheel' (hopefully you know what I am talking about) started spinning and didn't stop. I know a little bit about the internal processes of Macintosh laptops and ran the computer in verbose mode to see if I could find the abnormality @ boot-up, and I noticed that I was having kernel panics as the computer was going through the boot up process. The time between the 'start-up chime' and the subsequent crash was approximately 35-50 seconds.

    I brought it into an authorized repair center in the city, and they said it was a "hard-drive error" and since it was still under the original warranty and I also had Applecare, they said they would take care of it and would be back by the end of the week. I got a call from a tech at the shop and he said that the optical drive was failing and that it was a "mechanical error". I am a relatively patient guy so I waited patiently for any word as to what happened to one of my babies.

    It took roughly a week and a half, irritating because I am a College student and need the laptop, but not deal-breaking as to my general happiness with Apple support and this particular shop.

    Well, this is the list of repairs the tech did to my computer:

    1. Replaced the screen and top-lid of the computer
    2. Changed the optical drive
    3. Replaced logic board

    Great, so the guys are cool and give me back my laptop and send me on my happy merry way. Four days later (today), I roll out of bed to pull up an assignment I was working on for school and my battery is dead. This was odd because I had charged the laptop before I went to bed. I plug in the power adapter and the green light won't come on. I start freaking out because my laptop is out of power, I was halfway through an assignment, the power adapter isn't working and I just had a major repair done to my relatively new laptop that took close to two weeks to do. I am all sorts of excited about this because it happens to be a Sunday, the shops are closed today and I have an assignment due tomorrow that due to my own negligence in thinking my assignment was a-okay left open on the desktop without saving.

    I tried my friends power adapter earlier today to no-avail. I am beginning to get extremely frustrated and I need some advice as to how to most effectively deal with Apple support due to the fact I can't send the laptop to them because I live in Canada.

    Here are my questions to you guys as I cannot afford to wait another two weeks for my laptop to be 'maybe' working. It NEEDS to be working. It seems reasonable for me to assume it should be working due to the fact its less than a year old, has been loved in a caring home, was just repaired and seemed to be working fine for the past few days:

    1. Is there a 'direct' number I can call to have my case dealt with on an expedited basis? I really can't wait another two weeks for my laptop to be fixed.

    2. Any ideas as to what could be wrong?

    3. What should I realistically expect to be done about this on behalf of Apple?
  2. negativzero macrumors 6502a

    Jul 19, 2011
    1. Take your MacBook to an Apple Genius and plead your case, but I don't think its going to work. Everyone has problems with their MacBook, and nothing suggests you should be treated any differently from the rest even if the Geniuses provide excellent service.

    2. No idea, but it sounds like a rolling failure of the parts due to them not being compatible with one another.

    3. Nothing, just wait in line to get your MacBook fixed. Thats the only thing they are contractually bound to do for you. Everything else is extra.
  3. edoane thread starter macrumors newbie

    Oct 2, 2011
    Sure, I understand that I might be one of a million people that are having issues with their laptops but as a premium product from a company that I have spent thousands of dollars buying products from, I do feel entitled to ask that my defective product is dealt with in a timely fashion with a surety that the next time around it is working as expected.

    With that said, I appreciate your input and I am going to get a diagnostic test done to find out what is going on with it, also, if you have had any similar experiences, I would love to hear about it!

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