Could my iPhone be breaking my headphones?


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Apr 10, 2008
I've had a 4S for about 2 years now without any real issues. I've been using skullcandy headphones with answer and volume buttons with my iPhone. About a month ago the buttons on the headphones stopped working. I tested the headphones on a few different phones and found that they still didn't work, so the headphones had in fact stopped working. I sent them back to skull candy and got a replacement pair.

Then, a couple of days ago my replacement skullcandy headphones broke in almost the same way. This time the volume buttons stopped working first, then the answer button was working occasionally an hot or so later. The next day the headphones were calling up Siri on their own, and the mic wouldn't work. So I tossed those headphones figuring it was a skullcandy issue.

Luckily for me, my father bought himself a 5C last week and wasn't using the included apple headphones so I was able to borrow them. I started using them yesterday and they worked fine. I used hem most of today and they worked fine. Then all of a sudden both ears started cutting out randomly and making clicking noises like the headphones were being unplugged. Also the buttons stopped working.

I'm hoping that I've just had bad luck recently, but is it at all possible that my headphone jack is causing my headphones to short out or something? I'm trying to hold off on buying a new phone until the 6 is released and this would really mess with my plans. Thanks for any help


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Sep 19, 2012
Highly unlikely. The output signal from the headphone jack is small. Nothing that would cause a short to burn out headphones.