"Could not locate the Mac OS X boot volume" error

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by kainjow, Jun 27, 2010.

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    Usually when I go to "Restart into Mac OS X" from Boot Camp's system tray icon it works fine, but just recently it has started giving me this error and not working. It seems like usually when this errors hows it's because the Mac volume is bad or missing, but I have a perfectly working HFS+ boot volume that is visible in Windows and boots just fine. I do also have a second HFS+ partition for data, but no problems with them. Any ideas?

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    There's a "Restart to Mac OS X" option? I honestly never noticed!

    I just keep my Macs set to boot into OS X by default and reboot from the start menu. When I have to go to Windows I use a handy dandy utility called Boot Champ to get there. Have you heard of it? ;) :p

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    Whelp I did a repair on the Mac volumes but nothing needed repairing and it didn't help anyways. I'm guessing I just have an unsupported setup since Boot Camp doesn't out of the box work with two HFS partitions. When I set this up originally I had to use the Windows recovery console to fix the partition table so that it could boot.

    Maybe Apple's code just does a check for a single HFS partition and if it doesn't find it it bails...

    Yep, it's handy if your startup disk is set to Windows and you want to restart into OS X without changing it.

    Wow, whoever made that is a genius! :p

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