Could someone explain RAM please?

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    Hi I know a bit about computers, not a lot though. I recently installed 8GB RAM, two 4GB slots on a 2010 MacBook Pro model. I have nothing intensive that I use running, no malwarem spyware or viruses, just Firefox and music and I've over 400GB left on a SSD. I don't understand why I haven't much RAM left there seems a lot being used for just using the computer and things run a bit sluggish.

    Here is a screenshot of a memory checking app showing what is being used.

    I mean what is using nearly 5GB of RAM? Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 00.09.53.png
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    Ask yourself this : What's the point in having RAM that's not being used?

    Don't worry about it unless the Memory Pressure graph in Activity monitor turns to a colour other than green. OS X sorts out the memory management for you. OS X doesn't work in the same way as Windows.

    As for sluggish - OS X 10.9 and 10.10 work best on an SSD. If your system is sluggish, upgrade to an SSD. It'll transform the responsiveness of the system.
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    Thanks that makes sense. The inactive RAM, I obv have more than 500MB to use so why does it show as only having that much inactive?
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    It's most likly file cache, and App cache. It makes the OS more responsive. The more memory you have the more it will use. Unused memory is a waste. If you launch an app that needs memory, the OS will dump as much cache as needed so that your app has plenty.
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