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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by akidd, Apr 7, 2008.

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    This is the BBC's editor of the BBC News website's technology index blogging today...

    'The great mystery of wi-fi
    Darren Waters
    7 Apr 08, 11:32 GMT
    Wireless networks are a mystery.
    One moment they are working perfectly, the next there is no connection and you are left scratching your head.
    Certainly that's my experience with my Macs at home. And I'm not alone; there are widespread reports of problems with Macs losing connections or dropping connections.
    My experience is no different. I have a laptop and a desktop Mac and some days both machines will start dropping the connection inexplicably.
    I've tried changing router - but the problem persists.
    Other people are having the same issue - but there's silence from Apple on the matter.
    The latest problem is my wireless LAN. My machines - Macs and PCs - no longer see each other on the local area network.
    God knows why. Nothing has changed in my settings. I've not updated firmware or altered the firewall. It would seem the problem this time is my router - as I can see a colleague's machine when logged into a different wireless network.
    But this is the problem with wi-fi; and in many ways a metaphor for many people's experiences with technology at large.
    If I can't fix a problem with my home network and I'm a technology journalist, what hope do other people have?
    Wi-fi has taken off globally despite the many flaws - from security limitations and set-up difficulties to confusing standards and draft formats.
    The advertised speed and range of wi-fi is a standing joke - and the official roll out of the next standard 802.11n has been beset with delays.
    Frankly, it's enough to make me want to buy 100 metres of Ethernet cable and start wiring the house up.'

    Somebody, please but the poor sod out of his ignorance. He seems to have looked at the Apple forums but not where he should have.
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    I don't see that as an attack on Macs so much as a dig at the current wireless standards. Since it's a bit of a rant, there's probably no point in trying to offer advice until he's willing to offer up more specific details pertaining to his problem. I understand that wireless networks can be unreliable at times but if set up properly at the router level, they can be fine. Mine works very nicely with both PCs and Macs, but maybe I'm just lucky. :)

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