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Discussion in 'Mac Basics and Help' started by RMD68, Feb 3, 2007.

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    Jan 7, 2007
    I'll try my best not to make this long-winded but it would help if I explain the problem I'm having. For a long time I've been having a problem with my Mac and most importantly my ACD staying asleep. I brought my ACD and my Mac many times into the Apple store until I fianlly got some things fixed. A few things needed to be replaced on my Mac but although those specific prroblems were rectified the monitor still would not sleep. So I brought back in ACD and hd it repaired this time they said the USB cable running from the monitor to the Mac was waking the monitor itself so the cable had to be replaced. This half-fixed the problem. prior to replacing the cables the monitor used to wake (both fro the off position and screen saver mode) and go directly to my very bright desktop. Now after the cables were replaced the monitor does not stay asleep but it will stay in screeensaver mode. So I asked myself what could be waking it. It came to my mind that they had to replce the cables in the back of the monitor because the USB cable was waking the monitor that possibly it could be the connections on the back of the monitor (USB and Firewire ports) that are waking the monitor. When my monitor wakes from sleep and I exit the screensaver I noticee that my iTUNES and iCHAT are opened and this is the scenario every time. It seems that the iSIGHT and my iPOD's that I have connected to the back of the monitor are acting as if they are just being connected which would open both respective programs. Maybe there is some type of "short" happening and the computer thing that those devices are being reconnected. Unfortunately I have trouble recreating this in the Apple store and this is where Terminal might come to play.

    These "shorts" don't just occur instantaneously but rather happen over a period of a half hour or more. When I go to the Apple store they try connecting devices but only give it a ten minute trial. This isn't enough time for my problem. This is where my question about Terminal comes into play. I was wondering if Terminal recorded the sleep wake cycle of the computer and when devices were connected. If this does happen and there is a command to retrive this kind of information it may prove my theory true when I bring in my monitor again if this problem still persists. Any help on this topic is greatly apprecited because this bright monitor turning on all night is quite a nuisance.

    Also, why is my spell check not working?
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    Try routing the cables a different way so that the USB cable is by itself. You might have another cable, likely a power cable, causing interference.

    I've had a situation where a keyboard was overly sensitive and started the computer when I turned off the lights in the room. You might try only connecting one USB device at a time to see if it still happens.
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    Both of my USB peripherals are now connected to a HUB. They have been like this for the last few days. The only connection I have to the monitor via USB is through the cable running from the hub itself which is brandnew. Also the firewire is having a problem too so it has to be something with the inputs.

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