Could the rMB battery actually last me 14h+??

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by AppleJuiceBox, May 4, 2015.

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    SO I know the mac calculates the remaining battery depending on you current use. I checked today, I was using Safari (2 tabs), Messages and iTunes and a full screen and the battery showed me that it would last me 14:27 h. The wifi and bluetooth was also turned on.

    Would the computer actually last me 14h if I kept the same usage? Is this accurate? Anyone with the rMB had there battery last them this much?

    (attached a picture for proof)

    Update: Pic did not upload, the schools wifi sucks...I will upload this proof in a couple of hours

    also forgot to mention that the brightness was at half
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    I think it looks at what's going on and assumes processor load\usage. I've had situations where I've just had iTunes open and it'll display some insanely long time left, I guess it thinks that's all that's going to go on for the next 12-14 hours... but then as soon as you start actually using stuff it will drop back down.
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    It depends on what you plan on doing next. At that moment you were checking, it estimates 14+ hours, as long as you continue to do what you're doing (probably idling) and nothing else (like don't open a new tab, etc.). I've had the battery estimate tell me the same thing, but then I'd switch over to do something else, and the estimate would drop. But to answer your question, yes it is possible for it to last 14+ hours.

    Interestingly enough, the MacBook Air 11" is advertised as having a 9 hour battery life, but was able to get the laptop to last 23 hours with the brightness at minimum, and doing absolutely nothing but idling (and still on). They also got 13 hours with normal wifi surfing only. See attached image for more specs, or goto: and scroll to the very bottom under "Energy Management". They haven't done a review on the new MacBook yet, but the point is that they were able to exceed Apple's advertised usage numbers. Obviously, YMMV, because everyone's usage and needs are different.

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