could'nt setup an Access Point -Wireless- Linksys

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  1. serag213 macrumors newbie

    Sep 8, 2009
    Hi Every body :-

    i got crazy and , and nearly will trow my new Wireless G access Point .

    I have Macbook , with 1.5.7 Os . & i have WIMAX Internet connection ( USB )

    i want to share my wimax connection with my IPHONE & APPLE TV , so i ask about it and they told me to get access point .

    ok , i got it , LINKSYS WIRELESS - G , ACCESS POINT .

    It was 3 weeks ago and i had to stay 4 houer to set up the connection and it worked but i cant remember how , today when am try to connect my iphone it didn't work . and i got confused ..

    and now i will tell you exactly what am done to see if there something wrong :-

    1- connect linksys ethernit cable , and go to system pref , etherint and then change it to manualy , and write - IP :


    3- open air port & connect to access point wireless , & write
    in the browser , then writ admin in the password . & then logged in

    4- my settings is :- ip :

    & the AP MODE :- AP CLIENT

    Ok .

    5- close my air port connection

    6- connect my Wimax , and then open my iphone , on DHCP , it didn't work
    then i try to put it by my self , static ,

    IP :
    Subnet Mask :
    Router :

    & it conncet to wireless but could'nt connect to internet

    & the same problem with my Apple TV .

    One more thing :-

    when i change ip detail in system prefrences for the first time
    i lost my wimax internet connection , do i had to change it to
    DHCP to get my internet connection back ,

    Please i had searching for many website and it's so confused

    Ineed to know step by step , 1- what to write in system pref

    2- what to write in the iphone

    3- what to write in the access point conf ,

    4- should i keep the ethernit in the system pref , manualy
    or change it to DHCP , couse in manualy it makes me lost my connection .

    Many Thanks

    Hope to get any answers
  2. Consultant macrumors G5


    Jun 27, 2007
    Power cycle equipment (turn router off, wait 30 seconds, turn it back on)

    Otherwise reset all settings to default.

    Obviously you are messing up something when you change it to manual.
    Do not change settings manually. Set it to DHCP.

    Or just buy Apple Airport Express and set it up in 1 minute.

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