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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by Brendon Bauer, Dec 20, 2007.

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    I'm creating several movies that will play before a church service begins. Usually we just buy countdown videos.. but this time I thought I'd get creative and make some. There is always a countdown timer that starts at 5:00 and counts down to 0. This way people know when the service is going to start, from 5 minutes out. I have been searching and searching and cannot find any way to overlay a countdown timer in iMovie HD or iMovie '08 (I have both). Can someone suggest something? I don't want just a countdown movie... it has to be only in the corner or something. I want to use some footage of driving to church, make it fast forward so it finishes in exactly 5 minutes, and have a countdown timer display overtop of that in a corner.

    Any ideas? I've tried using the Slick 5 Gallery for iMovie, but they just have countdown movies, not overlay. Also, the Labels & Overlays from stupendous software has a timer, but it only counts up... :mad:

    HELP :eek:
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    Dunno if it's too late to help, but I'm currently trying to do this as well.
    My solution: Use the 'Subtitle' title option, with each number in the countdown being a separate screen in the title. Set the duration of the title equal to the number of seconds that you want the countdown to run for.
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    Aug 23, 2010
    Ive found a temporary solution

    i've found a ten second count down timer it's ment for green screen but you can also use it for a picture in picture effect to do a picture in picture effect you have to make sure advanced setting are on. First you will need to put the video of driving to church in the and then drag the timer over the video and press picture in picture

    The link for the timer is

    and you will need to convert the file with flip 4 mac which will convert it to a .wmv and you will also need a .wmv to .mov converter

    sorry about all the downloads needed

    I was looking for a 60 second count down for some news graphics but i cant find them any ideas


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