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Oct 3, 2010
A coworker got the iphone 5c for $80. Needless to say it is counterfeit. I got it to give to my kid. It is an android device with an iphone theme (I'm guessing). Anyone see harm in using it on wifi only? The language is Chinese so I am little scared of it after seeing the Iphone JB issue. I really don't want to add it to my network if it posing a security risk.


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Sep 10, 2013
At best, it sounds pretty shady.

At worst, as the tinfoil hat lot will tell you all about, someone could be secretly recording with the camera and mic, etc etc.

All I can say is do whatever you're comfortable with. Not sure what good it is if it's a replica with software only made to pass, at a glance, as iOS.

Jessica Lares

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Oct 31, 2009
Near Dallas, Texas, USA
I would get your money back.

Knockoff Android phones come apart very easily, like within a month or so, the screen will stop working, or it'll stop charging. And the only places that fix that are obscure services places in Shanghai, etc. One of the moderators over at Phandroid posted all the details about this once. He knows a few contacts that can deal with it.

It doesn't even come with the Play Store. And if you can get it on there, most of the apps and games won't be compatible with it anyway.

You should look into the Samsung Galaxy Players and 4" Huawei phones. Or even that $99 Moto G from Verizon.


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Aug 23, 2005
a better place
What is the actual model / brand.

If it's standard USB charging, just use another branded charger.

I have seen some of these devices CAN indeed have the Google Play Store side loaded onto them however they need to be rooted.

Likewise you should be able to change language of the GUI to English.

As for security risk, highly doubt it will pose one.

For $80 if your accepting of the fact it might be gimped, require a lot of fiddling to get google play store on there and chance of it breaking down or breaking - then yeah ok. But really, add another $50 to that and you could have got her a Moto G.....
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