Counting steps on both the Watch and iPhone?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch' started by kmj2318, Mar 11, 2015.

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    I wonder how this'll work. If you're walking with both, will it know that they're both happening at the same time?

    You're going to have the watch on you all the time, and the phone you leave on your desk a lot, so the watch will have a higher count than the phone. Will the phone know the difference? Or sometimes, much less frequently, you may walk with your phone without your watch on, what happens to the discrepancy? Will the steps even be aggregated or will they be separate? Such that you can only see your steps with the watch on the watch, and only see your phone steps on the phone.

    Nothing we've seen, as far as I remember, suggested that the watch's step counter will be integrated with the phone's. But it'd be silly not to.

    Does the pedometer on the phone even matter now that it's on the watch? I wondered if maybe the combination of having a phone in your pocket and also wearing the watch would give an even better reading of your activity, by interpolating your legs and arm movements.

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    If you look at the step count in the health app on the iphone you'll see that each entry has a time stamp. My guess would be that by comparing timestamps, it will know that the two measurements are the same and only count one...

    just my guess though
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    Jul 2, 2012

    The phone one never mattered to me as a lot of times I may put the phone down. A watch will always remain on you.
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    I had my Pebble watch and iPhone counting steps together but gave priority to my iPhone in the health app but my step count didn't double/triple.
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    Same here, it's one of the key reasons for the watch to me, never have my phone with me at home. So this should be interesting.

    What if it calibrates your walking style?

    They could tell you in app, to walk a half a mile like you normally would with your phone in your pocket and the app checks and calibrates to what the phone shows.

    Probably not but could, I know I use walkmeter pro app and it calibrated with distance to my steps and even had a manual adjustment to put in your step distance if that didn't work, it is extremely accurate even indoors with no GPS. but I always found the iPhone 6 to be pretty accurate.

    I'm really hoping the watch does this and also sends info to other apps.
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    I was actually thinking the same thing earlier but thought it was a dumb question, and I figured out the answer.

    If you go into the Health App actually and tap on the Steps orange rectangle thing, then choose "Share Data". I'm assuming when the phone is paired with the Watch, it will show up as an option under "Data Sources".

    It actually says under "Data Sources:",
    "The sources above are allowed to update your Steps data. When multiple sources are available, one data source will be chosen on the priority order listed above."

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    That's what I said in a few posts above yours.
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    Woop, sorry. :eek:
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    I also wondered this today. I'm wondering if in the pairing app you tell the phone which to use for tracking steps.

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