iPod Couple of iPod questions...


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Jun 21, 2004
1. I have Panther at home and OS 9 at work, my new 4g iPod won't mount or show up in iTunes on my work machine. I can't even use it as a firewire drive in 9. Is that common, did apple totally cut 9 out of the loop even for data transfer?

2. Since my iPod won't work in 9, could I just dock it and let it play on the charger all day? Will this save me battery life over the long run, not using and charging it every 2 days, but playing off of the firewire cable all the time, or will this eventually ruin my battery having it constantly charge?



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Jan 6, 2004
Lithium ion batteries have a certain amount of times that they can be recharged, this number is huge obviously, but the more often you charge it the worse it is for the batter in the long run, imo, i also would avoid having the batter drain to the point where your iPod is not useable, the time in which you really want to charge it is when the batter is just about empty, and then let it do a full charge, but this is just my opinion, and im sure that other people will have other ways of maintaining their batteries


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Feb 20, 2002
nope, you've been bitten by Apple's latest Firewire bug... try mounting it through USB. I've had no problem that way, but the latest updates with Firewire support is a joke....


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Feb 2, 2002
Yeah, you should be able to share it between OS X and 9, if only for data transfer. Running of FW does not use the battery (once it's done recharging) so it's definitely better to run it that way... Means you'll have more charge/discharge cycles later...
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