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Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by qwerty2k, Jun 4, 2008.

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    Dec 27, 2007
    Couple of quick questions about Time Capsule if the good ladies and gentlemen on the forums could assist me then it would be greatly appreciated.

    Can i use the 500gig drive in time capsule for time machine (say a set amount of 300gig for example) then use 200gig left for my macbooks itunes library to which i can rip my dvd's and then buy an :apple:tv and stream/sync the library to it from there?

    Next question, if i get a Time Capsule i ould want to run it in wireless N mode, now my parents have a windows laptop so i wouldn't want them to connect via G mode and slow it down from being purely N, so would any wireless N card for their laptop work fine with time capsule (as i know the n standard is draft?) if not/so could someone recommend a card that they know works well?

    thanks in advanced for your help.

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    Dec 27, 2007
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    Jan 11, 2008
    "This will work fine, you will need to store the iTunes music folder on the Time Capsule and leave the other folders (Album Artwork, iTunes Library, iTunes Music Library.xml) in the music folder on your Mac.

    You will also need to change the directory in the advanced section of the iTunes preferences to show the new storage location.

    There is a nice walkthrough here:

    I use this option with an external drive." -source: JasF at

    As far as your parents, I agree on getting them a new card, but unfortunately, I don't have any advice on card performance. Perhaps you can check this out at and read reviews, but it seems there aren't many options. Good luck to you. :)
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    Dec 27, 2007
    right another quick question, ive just read something which im hoping isn't true...

    Right, say ive got 300gigs of movies on a networked drive somewhere (say for example on time capsule) it is set as my iTunes library location for my MacBook, i have a 40gig AppleTv, does this mean when my MacBook is off i can only watch the 40gig that has been sync'd to it? or does it just pickup that my iTunes library is on time capsule and allow me to stream with my MacBook off?

    If its the former then i don't think i can reason buying an AppleTv :(

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