Couple questions about Apple TV (newbie)

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    Ok, Apple TV 2 really interests me. I love the idea behind not having a USB drive plugged in and streaming everything over a network. I had a WDTV before, and a lot of the issues was not everything was included, and very poor customer support. I have a few questions about Apple TV.

    #1) I have a Buffalo Linkstation Pro, and it says it has ITunes Server. This means I should be able to watch all of my movies/tv shows/videos from this linkstation, correct? Would I be able to access and edit the ITunes library?

    #2) I want to be able to use an nzb based program like sabnzbd and sickbeard to download my tv shows automatically and then organize them with sickbeard. Will I be able to do this through apple tv? I don't care if its through a jailbreak.

    #3) One of my problems with WDTV out of the box was that I had to do a moviesheet to make the WDTV GUI to look passable. Something to look like this took a long time. Now, I don't care if I have to do this with Apple TV to make the GUI look good, but my question is, is the display similar to that? Can I edit it to be like that? I want a really good looking display, similar to something like that.

    #4) I have a lot of mkv's that I have ripped from Blurays, I should have no problem playing those through Apple TV, correct?

    #5) I don't have a computer or anything other than a laptop, and I don't want that turned on all the time. Only the Linkstation Pro.

    I know I have more Qs, but thats just it right now. Thanks for your help
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