couple questions on fresh os install and apps

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by jayar182, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. jayar182 macrumors newbie

    Jun 8, 2010
    i want to have a fresh install of osx on my 09 mbp for a couple reasons, mainly because it forces me to clean out my hard drive, delete duplicate files, etc. what is the best way to back up photos from iphoto, notes on stickies and various book marks? and is there anything else id possibly need to back up?

    is it possible to combine the bookmarks from safari, chrome and firefox? ive been switching back and forth haha

    also, on iphoto on some of the pics, when i click to enlarge, an exclamation mark appears, is the file corrupt? what do i do?

    also, i love stickies, but i find that it gets messy, whats a good alternative? so far i found taskmate and simpletask..any thoughts?

    also, what apps do you use and recommend?

    how do i use geektool and onyx? i saw some really nice pics in minimalmac that i want to try to have

    and whats a good site for aesthetically pleasing wall papers?

    thanks for all the help and thanks for reading through all that :)
  2. McMoronic macrumors member

    Jun 9, 2010
    Couple of answers on fresh install and apps

    The best way to back up your files is via backing up your whole HD via CarbonCopyCloner. I find it easier to use than SuperDuper but either is fine.
    If you just want to copy photos, just manually copy the folders you need. As for stickies, I have no idea. Maybe copy all of them to a a rtf file and organise them later.

    You can use Xmarks or DeliBar for mac to consolidate your bookmarks for all browsers and retrieve them after the fresh install is complete. I would recommend Xmarks since it is free.

    For stickies, you can download anxiety. Its an awesome free app with better functionality. If you're looking for better organization, consider Shovebox. Both applications run off the menubar and are unobtrusive.

    For apps, just do a simple search and you'll find a few threads.

    Onyx is fairly simple to customize to your needs. Just download it, let it conduct the S.MA.R.T. status scan and repair permissions etc. You can run weekly scripts and customize your dock position etc.

    Geektool is a whole another ballgame. This tutorial might help: It wasn't my cup of tea and if you don't wanna search for code online you can just download xrg and be done with it.

    You can browse for wallpapers or visit websites like 4walled and wallbase for all the wallpapers in whatever resolution you require.

    Hope this helps.

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