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Discussion in 'Digital Photography' started by prettypictures, Jun 27, 2011.

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    Hello, I am a pretty courageous beginner! So here's my story, really hope to get some help!!! I own the little Nikon D50 and have a little 15' HP laptop that is about to be thrown out my window! In 07' I did a wedding w/ my D50..I had no idea what I was doing...but the family was pleased! They needed a list minute photographer and a friend recommend me for the job! I actually shot the ENTIRE wedding in AUTO!!!! I can't believe it now that I look back on it! Ok now I am strongly considering picking this hobby back up again. IN FACT, a another friend of mine pushed me and long story short, I have a wedding to shoot this fall! I just shot their engatment photos this past weekend! They do know what they are getting, was very upfront that I am not a professional, just a beginner! I am also going to do a family member's wedding next year as well! I have soo much to learn! I rented a Nikon D90 and it was incredible, thinking about buying this DSLR to step up my game. What I'm contemplating on now is, b/c of cost of course, is what would be best to purchase for editing/post production work? I would love to buy the 27' iMac w/ the works..but 2k is not feasible for me right now! It may be in a year though. I've read about the MBooks, I could afford to spend a little over 1k. But I've also seen that the screen isn't true color, you should purchase an extra moniter for viewing/editing and it seems these costs would just add up! Just don't know if this would be a wise choice, thinking I could just save what I would spend on a MacBook and purchase the 27'iMac. What I want to do more is a few, "side jobs" like engagement photos, sweet 16 parties and maybe more weddings. I also love making photo slide shows. I did a 20minute slide show for a church came out great...but my HP was pushed to the limit! I've thought about as well to just spend 500 bucks on a Sony Vaio and wait it out till next year to afford the iMac. Please help!
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    Well, it's true that the glossy TN panels of the Macbook Pros aren't perfect for color, but it isn't that far off and gets the job done. IMO, unless you're printing at a professional print shop, the printer matters a little more than the screen does. I print at Costco and the color matches that on my MBP fairly close, but I've figure out the difference in saturation and I can for the most part plan for the offset (since the glossy panel is more saturated than print).

    That said, have you looked at the 21.5" iMac? That sounds like a good compromise on your budget, and you can always get a bigger external monitor in a year (or whenever) if you feel you need the extra screen space. But those Sandy Bridge cores are fast as hell, and you can be sure that you will notice a massive speed increase. Remember to factor in costs for your editing software too. Adobe Lightroom or Apple Aperture are pretty much the two favorites here and I would say industry standards. I'm not sure about Aperture (Lightroom user myself) but I know that LR requires a pretty fast hard drive (7200rpm or better), since that's where the bottleneck will be for a moderately fast system.
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    Whatever you do, don't get a glossy screen to edit photos.

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